The “friendzone” – You Brought it Upon Yourself

You know those guys who complain about why they are in the “friendzone”?

It’s funny how they proclaim themselves as “nice guys”, when in fact they are a bunch of self-centered egotistical idiots.


But seriously, if you are under the guise that you are superior to the guy that stole your crush, you’re no different than the “douchebags”. In fact, that’s exactly why you got “friendzoned” in the first place – because you’re a fucking selfish prick who believes that you’re entitled to having a girl.


Proptip: Doing “nice things” doesn’t mean that people owe you love. 

Also, calling a girl a bitch after she rejects you shows your true personality: an arrogant self-entitled prick. Women are not material possessions. They are not tools used for your own personal gain. Women are people, not robots programmed to have sex with you 24/7. Pull your head out of your ass and get a fucking grip at reality.


…and you still wonder why no one wants to hook up with you